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Can’t Quit My Art Habit

15 Aug

My friend Nadine has a pesky way of showing up in my life and getting me hooked on making art again. This time, she enticed me with colored pencil. As she was showing me a botanical drawing she had done, she was waxing so poetic about the process of layering color that I had to get my set out. Next thing I know, I have four drawings in progress and I’m wondering if I’m having a manic episode. In the meantime, work is piling up. You can see more of my work by clicking here. I am building a Cafe Press shop with products featuring my chickens here. My chickens and cats are my editorial assistants who make sure I don’t get fused to my office chair.

“Dark Brahma and Iris Blades” copyright 2012 V. Cooper. 8 x 11″.