What is the feeling that makes writers write?

19 Nov

Answer by Valerie Cooper:

The feeling that makes writers write is the one that makes us look for connection. With every connection we make by sharing our stories, we build a foundation for understanding and universal love. In fact, love itself is the feeling that makes us write. We can rationalize what we do, and how we practice the craft of writing, but the passion to write is a transpersonal force that leads us around like a bewitching lover who cannot be refused. All we can do is prepare for the encounter.

I have written for my living. I was trained as a visual artist but it was easier to make money with my writing skills by writing letters and sales copy and generally being verbally seductive. (Luckily I never had to sell anything that compromised my morals.) Behind the success of my writing and my career was the ability to discern a kind of organization for a set of information—to make connections—and to build bridges between people with words, which is a work of love.

So while it is lovely to be swept up in the inspiration, it is good to have organizational skills and expressive tools like vocabulary and an understanding of rhythm under your belt so you don't have to think about them, and can just write. Of course, that takes time if you don't have natural ability. But even if you have natural ability, you have to exercise it or you'll come down with verbiage. I know.

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